For candidates who are curious about what they should do after the examination, there is just one answer: relax.

Nothing is more important than to use this time to relax. This examination is not easy to prepare for or to attempt, thus, the candidates who have done so deserve the break. Utilise this time in watching films, catching up with favourite TV series, and travelling, among others. There are a lot of things that the candidates could do to relax, as long as it is not studying. After attempting the challenging examination, the candidate’s body and mind need to rest and recharge for what’s to come next.

If the candidate has another examination coming up soon, he or she needs to jot down a list of what needs to be improved upon, be it handling stress, or time management between MCQs and essay-writing, or anything else.

The last thing a candidate should do is retrospect and wonder what would have happened if he or she would have chosen another option instead of the one he or she went for. The candidate has no control over that, it is a thing of the past. Over-analysing previous pass percentages to determine his or her own success is also detrimental to their current preparation and could affect the performance in the next examination.

Again, remember to relax.