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Author: Hemant Shah

IMA Salary Survey

Employment in the accounting field means a highly profitable and successful career. The question is how much more profitable a career as a professional with a CMA (US) certification comparatively. The salary survey conducted by...

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The CMA certification in the United States of America comes under the purview of the IMA, i.e. Institute of Management Accountants. In the United Kingdom, the certification comes under the purview of the CIMA, i.e. Chartered...

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In January of 2012, the AICPA and the CIMA joined hands and created a new professional designation, namely CGMA (Chartered Global Management Accountant). Being another management accountancy certification, the new designation...

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What to Do After the Exam

For candidates who are curious about what they should do after the examination, there is just one answer: relax. Nothing is more important than to use this time to relax. This examination is not easy to prepare for or to...

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